La Grande vie ! film complet franais avec Kad Merad et Eric Cantona

On a hospital bed, Marcello is in a coma. His guardian angel tries to convince his colleague, responsible to take her to heaven, leaving him a reprieve. For this, it traces the latest adventures of his protege ...

Everything begins in Paris, when Marcello, dreamer, discover how a simple meeting can tip a whole destiny. Philip, his generous savior of an evening offered a Solex and encouraged him to join Marseille, the city where "people talk hard not we hear the beating of their hearts."
Riding his Solex, flanked by loyal chinchilla Pompon, he discovered France Rue. Biker, more attentive to the safety of others as his, the officer in deckchair it back in the saddle a few stray of existence.
Basically convinced that life is beautiful, it does not know that acrobat funny surprise awaits at the end of his odyssey ...

Release Date November 28, 2001
Directed by Philippe Dajoux
With Michel Boujenah, Patrick Bosso, Christian Charmetant, Kad Merad, Eric Cantona
Genre: Comedy French
French Nationality

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